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"Who I'm not,
makes me who I am."

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1. Make sure you own a nice bed.

2. Sleep in it frequently.

3. Remember how nice it feels to flip over your pillow to the cooler side.

4. Check your pulse and hum along to the rhythm because it is music.

5. Write clear and make a lot of spelling errors. Get the poison out and don’t worry about it being neat.

6. If you can, do not shut people out. You will have good days and they should see them.

7. If you feel overwhelmed, go outside and scream. Find a nice empty park in the middle of the night and scream as loud as you can until your throat is bleeding. The world wants to hear you.

8. Let yourself fall in love. Believe it or not, there are people out there who want your blacks and blues.

9. Keep waking up.

10. Keep waking up.

11. Keep waking up. Maybe with someone next to you.

- tips on how to keep going | Caitlyn Siehl 

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I’ve lost friends for stupid actions.
I’ve lost my uncle through cancer.
My mom has been diagnosed with diabetes and cardiomegaly.
My family’s in mourning.
My family is arguing over all the financial issues for the funeral.
People talking shit about me.
I can’t even trust the ones I hang out with anymore.
The only one to turn to is my boyfriend.
But I’ll be alright, not right now, but I will be later.
I’ll just have to distance myself from everyone for now.
For now, I need to get my shit together.
I need to focus in school, work, and family. 
That’s all that matters right now.

Can’t trust anyone. AT. ALL.

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You’re vacant, and it scares me to death.

You’re vacant, and it scares me to death.

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If you’re ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she’ll be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She’ll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something… and a little more than usual.

Sometimes I wonder if you really do love me. Because it sure doesn’t seem like you do. This is the first time I’ve been with someone yet I don’t know their feelings towards me. Yeah, sure you tell me you love me, but that all? You never tell me anything else other than that. Do I deserve that? Another thing is that I’m always the one running back to you now, it’s like you’ve just stopped trying completely, so you know what? I’ll stop trying as well. I’m hurting while you really don’t care for me anymore. 

I asked you to tell me about her and you asked me what I wanted to know and that’s when I knew you didn’t really love her. Because if you loved her then you would’ve told me about how her eyes light up when she laughs and she bites her lip when she’s sad. You would’ve told me about the way her teeth remind you of those glow-in-the-dark stars you stuck on your ceiling when you were little and the way her voice wraps around your bones and keeps you from shaking. You would’ve told me about the tips of her fingers and the way sunshine pours from her mouth. You would’ve told me about how she even looks pretty when she cries and the way she hides behind her hair. You would’ve told me about the way you want to live inside her ribcage and fall asleep in the crook of her neck. You would’ve told me that she tastes like the entire galaxy and she speaks in poetry. You would’ve told me that the sound of her breath while she sleeps is your new favorite song. You would’ve told me about how she’s in your blood and the way she’s got so much love in her veins that if you cut her open, you swear flowers would grow from inside of her. You would’ve told me about the way you love her, like I love you.
- I heard you got a new girlfriend 

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